Meet the Board

Robert A. Powell

Robert A. Powell is founder and Executive Director of Portfolio Gallery and Educational Center. Portfolio is a 501C3 arts organization located in the city of St. Louis, Missouri. Its mission is to educate, enrich lives and to foster a greater awareness of American artist of African American heritage. We accomplish our mission through exhibits, programs and classroom instruction to children, youth, adults and the developmental disabled. Portfolio impacts on the lives of 5000 citizens yearly. Portfolio is the recipient of many awards including the River Front Times 2003 Best Citizen award, Best of St. Louis, the 1995 Missouri Arts award and the 2009 recipient of Excellence in the Arts award from the St. Louis Arts and Education Council.

Derek R. Lauer

Derek Lauer is a seasoned architect with a diverse and highly developed set of skills including extensive experience in architectural design, music, art, writing, and photography, as well as project and team management. He is an experienced educator currently teaching at Art Institute with instruction in Interior Design and architectural presentation techniques, 3-D modeling and construction drawings; and has previously taught at the Washington University School of Architecture and St. Louis Community College with lessons in Graphics, AutoCAD and Computing in Architecture.

Derek Lauer has been a pioneer in the use of digital media throughout his career and emphasizes the importance of mastering the tools of the profession of Architecture. As an important companion to his computing skills, he is also skilled in manual drafting and hand rendering techniques.

Lynda Burgman

Lynda Burgman is a retired executive with 40-year experience in top level non-profit organizational management. Spent twenty-six years, as the YMCA of Greater St. Louis Sr. Vice President; eight years as an independent consultant helping many non-profits in the St. Louis region.

In 2015, Lynda was awarded the United Nations Human Rights Award by the Christian Women United of St. Louis. In 2006, she was recognized by Oprah Winfrey for her humanitarian work in Peru. Lynda appeared twice on the “Oprah Winfrey Pay It Forward Series”. In 2014, she was inducted into her high school NHS Alumni Hall of Fame as a “Distinguished Alumni” for her charitable work.

She is the Founder of Kindness In A Box, a non-profit charity that provides humanitarian aid for the education, health and well-being of the impoverished, indigenous Quechua children living in the District of Maras, Peru.