Solar Electric Power ,LLLC former known as JMS SOLAR Network & Associates We Are The Solar Energy Experts Our Mission One Million Solar Roofs across America! 24hr Solar Sells & Services Company. Our mission is One Million Solar Roofs Across America being a strong advocate and proven leader that provides innovative with visionary concepts and ideas within the solar energy industry. Our solar building designs are 4 you in mind . Our goals are to target every aspect of the economy by transforming communities block by block, city by city into a solar micro-grid community model that includes solar grid -tied with battery / or fuel cell back-up systems communities addressing any power failures.Where we specialized in solar /or wind grid-tied with battery battery back-up systems to achieve a permanent sustainability. When meeting the demands’ for permanent electrical power becomes the norm ;we offer a level of strong security , and reliable electrical power which only our design on a solar grid tied with battery back-up /or fuel cell systems can offer. Our professional solar designs , consulting , & sales team which include the following ( structural &mechanical engineers , master electrician , architects , etc) offers services that provides our clients with options which they demand for ways to produce their own electric power that will reduce their high utilities bills and can hedge against prolonged power-outages that may affect their business operations ..or private life. Our efforts includes providing affordable pricing ,technical sales , consulting ,and designs services to the private and public markets across the country. We are strong on collaboration with our newest clients which are real estate agents /or brokers who want to quick sale new or old existing homes by accepting new market concepts of solar homes sales vs conventional homes sales ,insurance companies , supermarkets, hospitals, city or state governments &much more. We offer everyone the opportunity to contact us to address their desires to go Solar Electric Power for your next green projects.