BSA has chosen the field of Urban Agriculture, Agri-business, hydroponics, horticulture, aquaculture for one of the first commercial redevelopment pilot demonstration projects. BSA has partnered with Square Fruit Labs to create a new system to grow vegetables by the way of hydroponics and aeroponics. These vegetables can be grown all year round which is best to get the area on MLK, considered food desserts. Vegetables grown this hi-tech way will be 3 times fresher than the ones you get from your local grocery stores.

The Project

The Pilot demonstration project has been preliminarily identified as the Urban Hydroponic Factory


A new business that will generate jobs and employment opportunities for residents in our MLK Street Corridor


We will partner with the St.Louis Education Institutions to promote Hi-tech career training in the Hydroponic technology and for purchasing and for the use of the produce


This will create the first of many agri-business locations that BSA plans to initiate as urban neighborhood
based high-tech mid size companies in the region

Economic Growth

Commercial restoration through the re-vitalization of the Streets cape by encouraging retail opportunities in business sectors of the MLK Drive Corridor.


Create new market places for public interaction and cultural exchange provide produce for other businesses in the area