Melvin White


St. Louis, MO

Attributes: Dedication, consistency, passionate, and persistent

Andre Blunt

Vice President

St. Louis, MO

Attributes: Willingness to want to help others.

Khlorese Walton

Lead Supervisor

Lansing, MI

Attributes: A good team player, Passion to help others, responsible and detail oriented with a desire for success, ability to multitask under high work pressure and strict deadlines, determination, self-motivation, enthusiasm, hard worker, quick learner, strong communication skills, positive attitude, bringing in new ideas, decision maker, and strong organizational skills.

Monique Richardson

Lead Supervisor

Atlanta GA

Attributes: My motivation to pay it forward by giving amazing opportunities.

Tenneil Turner

Sr. HR Talent Scout

Tamarac FL

Attributes: I bring a commitment to organizational goals that pushes me to go above and beyond my assigned responsibilities.

Ni Jie

Sr. HR Coordinator

Minneapolis MN

Attributes: Intellection, individualization, deliberative thinking, and drive to achieve.

Sivashankri Krishnamoorthy,

HR Coordinator

Tempe Arizona

Attributes: The important attribute i bring to my job is sincere and smartness. Learning Quickly and implementing the same in job.

Chaewon Park

HR Coordinator

Champagne, IL

Attributes: My inner self-motivation, along with my strong work ethic. It’s what helped me to push through whenever I reached a work slump, and how I’ve been able to achieve my accomplishments so far in my career and academic life.

Suhyun Cho

Graphic Designer

Boston, MA

Attributes: Do much research as I can before I start to work on every projects, and I listen to people’s opinion on my working progress projects so that afterwards I can improve the work.

Toshya Leonard

Sr. Public Relations

Louisville, KY

Attributes: Creativity, it allows me to be both open enough to change design concepts while being engaged enough to keep Beloved Streets of America’s PR fresh and original.


Brianna Bennett

Newsletter Ninja

Philadelphia, PA

Attributes: My consistency. I always try to get my daily two hours in and ensure that my job is complete.


Sierra Smith

Public Relations

Washington, DC

Attributes:My willingness to learn and my openness to constructive criticism. I always want to learn, and take in everything this opportunity has to offer me.


Belinda Sacco

Sr. Blogger Extraordinaire

Baltimore, MA

Attributes: My writing and my voice is the most I bring to anything I care about


Deniz Namik

Blogger Extraordinaire

Champaign, IL

Attributes: My willingness to learn while creating a spark within others through ideas and motivation.


Nicolette Santiago

Grant Writer

Philadelphia, PA

Attributes: I genuinely want BSA to succeed in everything they do.

Kathleen Jefferson

Grant Writer

St. Louis, MO

Attributes: My research skills. I thoroughly like to research my work


Aleksandra Zdan

Fundraiser Specialist

Kearny, NJ

Attributes: My willingness to learn and take on new challenges. By learning new skills once can be a great addition to a team.


Silver Mei

Fundraiser Specialist

Champaign, IL

Attributes: Good listener.


Tresa Lavelle

Sr. IT Security

North Olmsted, OH

Attributes: Resilient. I’m constantly adapting to my environment and exploring new ways to solve problems.