Graham Hill has a long history of being involved with the Denver and Boulder Community. The Civil Rights historian has worked for transit, bicycle and CarShare opportunities for all citizens.

In 2004 he traveled and spoke about transit expansion into many disadvantaged areas on behalf of the Regional Transit District. The Fast Tracks initiative was past and now Denver has one of the best transit systems in the US.

Hill founded eGo CarShare in 2009. He brought CarShare to Denver and has been successful in introducing it into areas of need and disadvantaged areas.

One of his true loves is the bicycle! Hill believes strongly that a sound bicycle infrastructure helps build a community. He has had a bike shop and has been instrumental in further developing the culture around bicycles. Bicycles level the playing field in a community, and bring needed transportation and exercise. They also provide great opportunities for gatherings and job generation with Bike Share, Pedicabs, Food delivery etc.

Hill is currently working as the Founder of Shared Paths of Boulder a not for profit designed to create a path culture-away from streets. By encouraging walking, biking, skateboarding and other means to travel on America’s Premiere Urban Path System, he hopes to build a culture that prefers to be on a slower and safer system. His initiatives around community engagement and Stewardship he hopes to be able to transfer to other areas around the country.

Hill has credited much of his beliefs and philosophy around Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Dr King has inspired him to always look to see how he can help out those in need. Hill is drawn to assist in African American communities and MLK Beloved Streets because of a strong belief in that we all should have a chance to have equal opportunities without judgment.