African American history museum and cultural sub-district” shall consist of a political sub-district which shall provide for the collection, preservation, and exhibition of items relating to the history and culture of African Americans, more specifically for interpretation through core exhibits that may include wax sculptures, photographs, paintings, and other artistic expressions; and further for the collection of costumes, archaeological anthropological materials, artifacts, and memorabilia; and for the maintenance of archives, including nuscripts, personal records, and other material that relates to the African American experience to American history; and to provide for the preservation of American music traditions, including ragtime, jazz, blues, and gospel; and to provide technical assistance and advisory services for historic research or which may contract with another person with the capability of providing such services.

Sen. Amendment 11 to HB186 created the opportunity to create sub- districts to the Zoo Museum District. The bill permits the inclusion by public vote of an African American Cultural Sub-district to the Zoo Museum District. (ZMD) This means that a ballot tax issue can now be created specifying a set cent amount of every $100 evaluation of property value in St.Louis City and County.

Current ZMD members:

Missouri Botanical Garden, $10,089,773

Missouri History Museum, $10,089,773

St. Louis Science Center, $10,089,773

St. Louis Art Museum, $20,229,399

St. Louis Zoo, $20,229,399