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Our Beloved St. Louis

A place to Enhance Pride in the community and improve the conditions for residents A place to Honor local and national individuals and organizations that have positively impacted society, and specifically St. Louis.


Our Beloved Colorado

Graham Hill has a long history of being involved with the Denver and Boulder Community. The Civil Rights historian has worked for transit, bicycle and CarShare opportunities for all citizens.


The National Association of Beloved Streets of America

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Our mission is bound by a United vision Beloved Streets of America fosters collaborations among individuals groups and organizations to generate resources to revitalize and conserve streets that bare the honorable name of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Our vision is that every street that bares his name is vibrant, beautiful and prosperous.




The National MLK streets Initiatives

OCT 03, 2016

Melvin White and Andre Blunt on GreentimeTV, sharing the initiatives taken by Beloved Streets of America to revive the streets named after Dr. Martin Luther King.


Harvard University, Melvin White and a Much-Needed Plan to Thwart Racial Exclusion in St. Louis

MAR 14, 2016

Later this month, I will join a consortium of well-known St. Louisans in Boston to discuss racial exclusion and ways to build social change in our region. We were invited by Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design.

Restoring MLK’s dream, street by street

JAN 18, 2016

Melvin White walks down an empty Dr. Martin Luther King Drive in St. Louis, Missouri, recounting what once was a business or a home, but is now a rundown shell.








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